I was babysitting the reception desk at work (definitely not playing solitaire) when I was approached by a couple of coworkers with a task.  “We want you to do the softball write-ups this year”

I was flattered and puzzled at the same time.  The architecture firm where I worked participated in a friendly 16” in softball league.  Each Thursday we’d put down our pencils and T squares in favor of gloves and beers and head over to Grant Park.  We weren’t very good. More beer was drank than bases run, but we had fun.  On Friday morning the captain would send an email out to the entire firm documenting the previous nights events….a win or more likely a loss….the final score.  Next week’s game time.  And so on….

I smiled and said, “Wow, that’s really an honor, but you know I don’t pay very close attention to the game.

“Yes, we know”

“And I barely know who won or lost let alone the final score”.

“Yes, yes, that’s fine”.

“My knowledge of softball rules is just one step above the Chinese intern who doesn’t speak English”.

“Perfect.  You’re the new author of the softball write ups”

And so I started writing.  And writing.  And writing.  And after a while, I realized that I wasn’t too horrible at it.

After penning the softball write-up for a few years, it was with a heavy heart that I parted ways and headed a to London for a new job and new write-ups (all written in a British dialect)

Then back across the Pond to a new firm where I met my husband.

And now out in suburbia where a few years later, I have three teenage step kids, 3 year old twins, a yippie dog and cats that make me sneeze.


What is this blog about?  Some entires will be about being a mother. Some will be about being a person. Others were written a while ago and were kept tucked away on a computer drive.

I hope you enjoy them.