Mothering is…

Using the plastic blue fish plate for your breakfast because you’re just happy to be able to grab a bite.

Having a 30 minute discussion on the pros/cons of SAMs Club vs COSTCO

Having memberships to both SAMs and COSTCO, but you still have no food in the house so you’re buzzing through the McDonalds drive thru.

Hearing a doctor tell you to “get more sleep” and laughing hysterically.

Telling your 4 year old that you “don’t speak cat” and can’t understand her meowing what she wants for breakfast

Knowing the differences between the Power Rangers and their Zords. Knowing what a Zord is.

Sharing the breakfast on your plastic blue fish plate with your cat-daughter because she’s meowing that she’s still hungry.

Never going to the bathroom alone again. Ever.

Hiding because the kids are getting along in a different room, but once they see you they’ll remember they are mortal enemies.

Desperately looking for that certain lost toy.

Giving up and ordering that toy on Amazon only to have the original surface a week later.

Saying things like “wear a coat” “eat your carrots” “and turn off the TV” when you know deep down you wouldn’t do any of it yourself.

Getting excited about a robot-vac for Christmas and knowing you’ll use it way more than any expensive purse or jewelry.

Taking your kids out for dinner only to have them demand “what’s for dinner?” as soon as you get back home.

Picking your kids up from their last day of preschool and sobbing like a baby because you’d do it all over again in an instant.