itsy bitsy

“Mama,” Avery said as I was getting her off the potty, “can you get the itsy bitsy spider that is in the garbage?” “Mmmm….” I replied distractedly.  “We need to get your pull up on and into bed.” “Ok, Mama. But then you’ll get the itsy bitsy spider?” I ignored the request as I tossed her…


car talk

In the past six months the twins have had a “verbal explosion” They’ve been talking for quite some time, but now they are really into carrying on conversations with me as well as with each other. They are also very curious about the world around them and are constantly making observations and asking questions. Funny…


look behind you

“Mommy, look what we’re doing!”  Owen called from the backseat of the car.   I sighed and took a deep breath. Whatever it was, it couldn’t be good, and wasn’t worth turning around and risk crashing the car.  Since the twins had started talking, they have both gotten very good at not only telling on…